Take Action

Take Action:

We are always eager for innovative individuals to join in our mission to support the welfare of Canadian

Sled Dogs!”

If you are inspired to take action on behalf of Canadian sled dogs, here’s how you can get involved:

1. Make a monetary donation

2. Become a member

3. Volunteer for the CCFSD – positions such as fundraising, marketing, graphic design or any special

skills you would like to contribute.

4. Be an advocate for the CCFSD by doing the following:

-Share our social posts and links from our website

-Share your dog sledding experiences with these hashtags on social media:

#thereallifeofsleddogs #supporthumanemushing #sleddogsasworkingpets #getsleducated #researchthetruth #musherlife #fortheloveofsleddogs #wemushdothis #letsleddogsbesleddogs

5. If you have any great ideas about how you can contribute, please contact us!