brenda evans

Director at Large
Alberta Representative

Brenda Evans has always had a great love for animals and the mountains; the two go hand in hand when thinking of dog sledding in the Canadian Rockies. Through her wonderful Golden Retriever Ada, Brenda came to understand the importance of love, compassion, and dedication to the health and wellbeing of not only her great dog, but all dogs. Brenda can recount many winters in Canmore watching dog sled teams being transported from the town’s centre to their trail destinations, awaiting eager customers about to embark on a trail ride with their dog sledding team. Even then, she always hoped the dogs were well taken care of, in the same way that she took care of her dog Ada. Interested in the safety, proper daily care and veterinary care that all working dogs deserve, Brenda decided to become involved in the Coalition for Sled Dogs to share her voice and talents to this compassionate cause. She sees a bright and hopeful future ahead for the Sled Dog community and is happy to do all she can to help in the process as a board member for the Coalition.