carlin kimble

Vice President
Nunavut and Northwest Territories Representative

Dog sledding has been a part of Carlin Kimble’s life from the time she was born. Both her parents built, owned and operated a dog sled touring company, so she grew up looking after her sled dog pack. Unlike most children her age, Carlin cultured a great sense of responsibility, dedication, devotion and compassion early on in her life. As she became older, her love and work with these beautiful companions changed her as a person and she realized the importance of never letting them down. In 2004, Carlin began her career as a professional sled dog touring instructor and helped further her parents company as an ethical, “dog first” operation. Fourteen years later, Carlin shares ownership of Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours with her brother – the same dog sled dog touring company her parents build back in 1983. Her entire life has revolved around her pack and her greatest joy is her dogs. Carlin enjoys educating visitors on the importance of ethical, humane mushing and to ensure mutual enjoyment for both the dogs and the people. The fact that sled dogs are being manipulated and mistreated in some sled dog kennels is heartbreaking for Carlin. She has been very fortunate to help with several sled dog rescues over the years – especially helping the Humane Society and the SPCA by taking on huskies seen as “non-adoptable” or scheduled for euthanasia due to a suitable home not being found. The rehabilitation process for these amazing dogs has taught Carlin a lot about what needs to change within the sport and she is looking forward to bringing her skill set to the table in assisting in developing a certification system for the sled sport.