carmen baum

Director at Large
Ontario Representative

Carmen Baum is a graphic design/marketing professional who considers herself blessed to have spent her life with animals. They have been some of her most influential teachers, and some of her most brutally honest critics. Carmen has worked with rescue and shelter animals through many diverse and wonderful rescue organizations: street dogs in India through Vets Beyond Borders, various wildlife through Earth Rangers, and horses through her own personal interests. When Georgian College started up their Animal Care Program she enrolled immediately, specializing in Investigations & Enforcement and Wildlife studies. Carmen got her start caring for sled dogs in Alberta and continues to care for and work with sled dogs in Ontario. In the summer of 2016, she received her accreditation as a certified Animal Bowen Physiotherapist. One of her greatest animal learning experiences was the opportunity to learn about energy and how it effects dogs by spending a week training with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Centre in California. This experience opened her eyes to a whole new world of respect, communication and understanding that she put to immediate use in her relationships with animals, as well as people. Carmen strongly believes there is boundless room for improvement that can be made in the lives of sled dogs across the country and she is excited to be an active participant in facilitating this change.