connie creighton

Yukon Territory Representative

Connie Creighton has been involved in the Sled Dog Sport since 1980. Working with a small group of “mushers,” she created and established the once famous Alberta International Sled Dog Classic of Canmore, Alberta in 1983. That same year she co-founded one of the first sled dog touring companies in Canada, Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours. She recently retired in 2016. During the past 37 years, Connie has worked with participants in the Sled Dog Sport on many levels, including: novice recreational sledders, professional speed racers, distance racers, ski-jourers and national and international commercial touring professionals. During the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, with long-time Canadian sled dog racer Tom Ward, her team of sled dogs took part in the opening ceremonies at the Nordic Olympic Venue in Canmore. She is honored to have represented Canada, the International Sled Dog Racing Association and the International Federation of the Sled Dog Sport. In the early 1990’s, she was elected the Western Canadian Regional Director for the International Sled Dog Racing Association. In this role she learned lots about sanctioning and the enforced, regulating system regarding sled dog care and mushers etiquette. This experience proved valuable when used as criteria for agencies issuing permits to commercial touring companies and municipal governments permitting sled dog kennels. The daughter of a Provincial Park Ranger, Connie grew up throughout many of Alberta’s provincial parks, building connections with the tourism industry, government naturalists, biologists, geologists, law enforcement personnel and esteemed persons within Canada’s First Nations culture. She learned the value of protecting our natural environment, including animals, and working within the framework of building important interdependent relationships of respect. These experiences eventually translated to the important ethics and theories developed by our organization, in working and living with Canada’s gorgeous, enigmatic, devoted, definitive husky sled dogs. For Connie, it is a pleasure working and sharing with credible, ethical groups who are genuine in their practice and desire to better the lives and protect Canada’s sled dogs.