“Did you know that currently there are no rules or regulations in place in order to protect Canada’s sled dogs? This is something the CCFSD recognises as a serious issue . Some participants in our sled dog community are falling behind in keeping our Canadian sled dogs safe. It’s time to make a change.”


Unlike most sled dog welfare groups, the CCFSD is taking a more specific, unique approach in creating it’s official code of practice. By helping fund and participate in sled dog specific studies, the CCFSD will be able to determine with research proven facts and science, the most humane and ethical practices for sled dogs . Ultimately this will further enable the CCFSD to create an official code of practice surrounding this up to date information.

Most studies of this nature can cost up to $25,000.00(CAN) and are done by Universities and panels of experts. More involved studies can cost up to $250,000.00. The CCFSD will need to fund numerous studies to ensure all aspects of sled dog care are reviewed properly .

Planned study topics include:

  • Housing & Confinement
  • Feeding & Hydration
  • Socialization,  Exercise programs & Enrichment programs
  • Breeding & Whelping
  • Kennel Management
  • Adoptions programs & Retirement programs
  • Veterinary care


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